• Do I need to have any technical skills to use the plugin?

    Swift Security can be fine-tuned in its smallest details, however, to use the plugin you don’t need any technical skills, you only have to activate the plugin. That`s all. If there is a need for any custom settings, the plugin will help you with several messages (e.g. if the cache directory cannot be opened).

  • If I deactivate the Hide WordPress module will everything return to normal?

    Yes, because Swift Security does not rename your directories and files, it only masks them, so if you deactivate the module or the plugin, everything will return to its original state.

  • I have locked myself out of admin, I have forgotten my new login and admin URL.

    No problem. Please add the following line to your wp-config.php:
    define(‘SWIFTSECURITY_EMERGENCY’, true);

    It will turn off both modules (Hide WordPress/Firewall), so you can login and check/modify the settings.

    Before you re-enable the modules you need to remove the line from wp-config.

  • Is this plugin compatible with other security plugins?

    Swift Security is compatible with most security plugins, however, conflicts may occur when both plugins rename the admin URL or two firewalls are activated at once. Because the Swift Security plugin offers an integrated solution, there is no need (and it is not recommended) to be used with other firewalls or “hide WordPress’’ plugins.

  • Is this plugin compatible with cache plugins?

    Of course, but don’t forget to clear the cache after activation or modifications. Varnish cache is not supported at the moment.

  • Is this plugin compatible with managed WordPress hosting?

    Officially the WPEngine is supported, however, the plugin should work with all hosting providers.
    If you notice any issues with any managed hostings, please contact us at support@swte.ch Please take it into account that these providers may use other cache solutions as well, and only WPEngine is handled automatically by Swift Security.

  • Is this plugin compatible with the Timthumb image resizer?

    Yes, you only need to change absolute URLs to relative ones, that is, use http://yoursite.com/timbthumb.php?src=uploads/image.png instead of http://yoursite.com/timbthumb.php?src=http://yoursite.com/media/image.png.

    You can easily set this with a Regular expression in source rule:

    http://yoursite.com/timbthumb.php?src=http://yoursite.com/media/ => http://yoursite.com/timbthumb.php?src=uploads/

  • Is it compatible with other minifyer plugins?

    Yes, however, because Swift Security offers its own solution for minifying, it is best to use this plugin.

    There are some known incompatibilities with the Better WordPress Minify plugin, please take this into account before purchasing our plugin.

  • Is it compatible with Nginx?

    Yes, Nginx is supported since version 1.3.0. Please keep in mind Nginx needs some manual configuration.

  • Is it compatible with multisite?

    Yes, since version 1.4.0 multisite is supported for Apache servers. Nginx multisite is not supported at the moment.

  • I activated the Hide WordPress module, but I can still see the /wp-login.php and the /wp-admin pages. Why?

    If you’re logged in, these pages are not hidden. Log out, close all browser windows and try again or simply try it in private (or incognito) mode or from a different device.

  • Does the plugin have any influence on the speed of my website?

    No, the plugin does not affect the speed of your website. However, you should take it into account that following activation, respectively if after saving modifications the plugin caches the JavaScript and CSS files again, because of these the first one or two page downloads may be slower than usually.

  • Does it affect SEO?

    Yes and no.

    You won’t have any SEO problems if you’re not going to change the content URLs (post, tag, category, author, feed), but if you decide to change them, it’s probably not going to hurt you, however, these will be removed from Google’s index eventually. But if you have a broken link pointing to a 404 then yes, you are leaking PR.

    With a new WordPress site you will not have any problems when you change these URLs.

  • Does it really hide the fact I’m using WordPress?

    Yes. Try it yourself at wpthemedetector.co.uk.