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How to install and activate the plugin!

Hide WordPress

With the Hide WordPress module you can hide the fact that your website uses WordPress. The Hide WordPress module will not change the original file structure, it will only hide it.


With the Firewall module you can prevent the most common attack attempts: SQL injection, XSS, File path manipulation and malicious file uploads

Code Scanner

With the help of the Code Scanner you can scan all files and thus you can find all previously uploaded malicious files which were uploaded on your server by an attacker before the installation of the plugin. You can run the Code Scanner automatically at certain time intervals, thus, if an attacker succeeds in uploading a malicious code to your server (e.g. because he gained access to it through the hosting provider or has obtained the FTP or SSH login credentials) you can automatically quarantine these. Also, you will receive a report with the results of the scan.

Push Notifications

With the help of pushover.net you can get real time updates about actions related to your website: successful login, unsuccessful login, hacking attempts, and receive scan reports from the pre-scheduled Code Scanner.