Hide WordPress Preview

Hide WordPress login and admin page:

Try to open http://swiftsecurity.swteplugins.com/administrator
Not found?
Try this one: http://swiftsecurity.swteplugins.com/administrator

Try to open http://swiftsecurity.swteplugins.com/wp-login.php
You got 404?
Try this one: http://swiftsecurity.swteplugins.com/user.php

Hide WordPress files and directories

The plugin changes the location of the default theme’s CSS and removes the WordPress specific comments:

http://swiftsecurity.swteplugins.com/contents/bootstrap.min.css (instead of http://swiftsecurity.swteplugins.com/wp-content/themes/twentyfifteen/style.css which is 404)

The plugin changes the URLs of the plugins and you can also rename the plugins that you are using
to this

You can change or completely remove the meta generator tag.
You can remove the comments from your CSS, JavaScript and HTML files, and you can replace CSS class names or HTML ids as well, so nobody can figure it out that you using WordPress and which plugins you are using.

Check this page source

You can hide or rename any files: